About Friends’ Club

«Friends’ Club of the museum is one of the must have directions of museums development all over the world. 
Its aim is to attract everyone interested to direct involvement in museum life and its development.»

The museum collections number above half a million exhibits reflecting traditional culture of 157 peoples of Russia from the 18th-20th centuries.
The museum collections reveal all aspects of life of the peoples of our country: their main occupations and handicrafts, dwellings and clothing, beliefs, rituals and festivals.
Because of bad present state of the museum storages and financial precariousness of some programs the museum is unable to function properly. Restoration of the exhibits and replenishment of the museum collections, publishing activity and educational programs, reconstruction of the unique displays and restoration of the museum building facade are main programs where your donation will be forwarded.

The Russian Museum of Ethnography will be grateful for any donation made by you in person or by your company both in terms of money and in services.
We hope for our fruitful cooperation.

Main programs of museum development:

  • Restoration of the exhibits
  • Replenishment of the museum collections
  • Publishing activity
  • Educational programs
  • Reconstruction of the unique displays
  • Restoration of the museum building façade

Becoming a member of the Russian Museum of Ethnography Friends’ Club today you make valuable contribution in preserving and development of one of the largest ethnographic museums of Russia.

You can decide for yourself the participation degree in the museum activity depending on the sum of your annual contribution.

There is individual and corporate membership in the Russian Museum of Ethnography Friends’ Club.

Thank you for the support of the Russian Museum of Ethnography.

Inzhenernaya ul. 4/1. Contact number 571-78-82.