Tuvinians festival Naadym became the most important part of the Tuvinians traditional culture. Mongolian influence is traced in its name (“Naadam” – literally “celebration”, “contest”, “games”). The festival got status of the republican festival in recent years. It’s timed to the day of the Tyva Republic and delegations from all the republic regions take part in it. Festival program includes besides the sport competitions (national fight khuresh, archery, horse races) parade of the regions delegations, performances and concerts of the artistic work collectives, meeting of the stock-breeding congress of the republic, ceremony of stock-breeder champions awarding, exhibition of agricultural animals and production, contest “The Best yurt”, exhibition-fair of the artistic craft goods and goods of traditional trades and decorative arts. Beauty contest and “Felt festival” also take place there. “Felt festival” goes back to traditional for nomadic peoples of the Central Asia production festival, which is accompanied by collective entertainments and which is a traditional form of the contacts and acquaintance for young people.