28.12.19 - 01.01.21

The unique collection of Tatar culture on the exhibition at the Russian Museum of Ethnography

On December 28 2019 the Russian Museum of Ethnography opens new exhibition dedicated to traditional culture of Tatar people. It will become a part of regional section of museum permanent exhibition about the culture of the peoples of the Volga region and important stage of developing museum’s relations with regions of country.

The unique museum collections on the culture of Tatar of the Volga and Ural region of XIX – early XX cc., many of which are exhibited for the first time, reveal expressive and original features of territorial and ethno-confessional Tatar groups, traditions  of house furnishing,  peculiarities of national costumes, economical occupations and crafts, rites and festivals, customs of rearing children, education,  and  religion.

The authors of exhibition pursued to build and upgrade the ties of ancient history with modern culture of Tatar people – one of the most numerous peoples of Russia, whose representative also comprise significant part of Saint Petersburg population. Rare historical photographs from museum collection, multimedia content on the history of Tatar collection and modern life of Tatarstan help to show continuity of traditions and uniqueness of region

The exhibition was made in close cooperation between the Russian Museum of Ethnography and public, cultural and educational institutions of the Tatarstan Republic, Tatar national communities and groups of Saint Petersburg. In the solemn inauguration of exhibition the administrative board of museum, the curators of exhibition, official representatives of Tatarstan Republic and the museum sponsors will participate.


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