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19.02.21 - 18.07.21

The exhibition «Weaving the Thread of Fate in Carpet»

The Exhibition “Weaving the Thread of Fate in Carpet: Decorative-Applied Art of Azerbaijan”  

The Russian Museum of Ethnography presents the exhibition “Decorative-Applied Art of Azerbaijan” which organization take place in frames of cultural cooperation between Saint-Petersburg and the Republic of Azerbaijan, therefore the partner of Petersburgian museum is the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum in Baku.  The objective of exhibition is to present the best pieces from the collection of the Russian Museum of Ethnography which was gathered from the early XX century. These are examples of ornamented copper utensils, silk fabrics, embroideries, prints, their ornaments filled with enigmatic symbols which certainly will provoke the most vivid interest.  Carpets and carpet-like items have particular value of museum collection.

The Azerbaijanian pile and flat carpets are made of pure wool sometimes with addition of cotton in the bottom thread and are distinguished by high density and use of natural pigments. One more distinctive features of almost every carpet is the attracting sight and enigmatic symbolism of its ornament.

The specifics of daily life of the inhabitants of mountains and valleys of the South Caucasus which part was Azerbaijan was the reason not only of wide use of wall and floor carpets in house, but also production of sacks, soft chests and bags of the carpet fabric. Never before the museum collection of these important in domestic economy objects was presented to the public in such scale.

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