19.11.20 - 28.03.21

The Photographic Exhibition «In the Footsteps of Samuli Paulakhariyu»

Venue: Russian Museum of Ethnography, exhibition “Peoples of North-West Russia and the Baltic Region. XVIII-XX cc.

The Russian Museum of Ethnography, The Foundation for the Memory of Mooses Putro (Finland) and the Agalatov School of Arts (Russia) present the retrospective photographic exhibition “In the Footsteps of Samuli Paulakhariyu”.

Samuli Paulakhariyu is the famous Finnish ethnographer who in 1911 realized a bike trip through Northern, Eastern and Western Ingermanland and captured the life of Finnish and Izhora villages on his photographs in the early XX century.

            One hundred and five years later, in 2016 the representatives of the Foundation for the Memory of Mooses Putro repeated the voyage of his countryman to capture the changes occurred in these years.  

The exhibition showcases rare photographs of the early XX century made by Samuli Paulakhariyu and the pictures of contemporary photographs taken during the trip of 2016.  Comparative photographs of landscapes and villages made in past and present deserve particular attention. They reflect dramatic changes occurred in XX century in destinies of the peoples living on the territory of modern Leningrad region.

The authors of exhibition:  Aune Kämäräinen, journalist, photograph, artist, Helena Miettinen, Dr.of Social Political Sciences, the President of the Society for Ingermanlandian Culture, Finland, Marya Karkhula, film secretary “In the footsteps of Samuli Paulakhariyu” Finland.

Curators of exhibition: N.E, Borodkina (Director MAUDO the Agalatov School of Arts), M.A.Dokuchaeva (research fellow of the Russian Museum of Ethnography.



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