16.11.20 - 16.12.20

The exhibition «The Solar Symbolics in Traditional Embroidery of Baltic-Finnic Peoples»

Author of conception – L.V. Korolkova, research fellow of the Department of North West Russia and Baltic Regions.

Designer – D. K .Maevsky

The exhibition continues the cycle of temporal mini-exhibitions dedicated to decorative applied arts of the peoples of the North West Russia and the Baltic region.  

Embroidery always attracted attention of gatherers of traditional culture.  As early as in XIX century first collections started to be formed in which embroideries of various ethnic groups of Russia are represented.

The exhibition showcases 17 objects of Vepsi, Izhora, Karelians, Seto, Finns and Estonians: headdresses, headdress embroideries, embroideries on towels and woman shirts of XIX century. The embroideries are made with flax, wool, silk and cotton threads. The geometrical pattern features various solar symbols: diamonds, crosses, rosettes with six-eight rays or petals and images of paired curls typical for Baltic Finnic peoples. The embroideries are made with old seams typical for Baltic and Finno-Ugric peoples.

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