10.03.20 - 24.03.20

The exhibition “The Voices of Adornment”

The exhibition “The Voices of Adornment” timed to celebration of Latvian culture days is opening In Saint-Petersburg on March 10 2020.

The exhibition features the jewelry collection of designers Inita and Vitauta Straupe (the family enterprise “Baltu Rotas”) creating adornments for already 25 years. Their creative work is based on specific heritage- the unique adornments of ancient Balts which even today continue to amaze by diversity of their shapes, ornamental motifs and stories.

The woman vocal ensemble “Latvian Voices" will perform at the exhibition opening. This is a cappela ensemble “which repertoire contains both folk songs and Baroque pieces. In 2014 the “Latvian Voices” was selected the symbol of Riga as European cultural capital and the World Olympiad of Choirs.

Joining the events of the Latvian culture days in Saint Petersburg the Russian Museum of Ethnography invites representatives of mass media and information agencies interested in reporting of the present event.  Concerning organization of interviews with specialists and video filming of exhibition please, contact the Department of Exterior Relations of our museum.

The exhibition opening will take place in the Russian Museum of Ethnography at 5.00. p.m.

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