01.10.20 - 29.11.20

The exhibition «We couldn’t part with this times...»

The exhibition "We couldn’t part with this time: The Russian Museum of Ethnography – Chronicle of war years"

In early autumn of 1945 the railway echelon, in which the collections of the State Museum of Ethnography returned from evacuation, departed from Novosibirsk. On September 27 they arrived to Leningrad. We synchronized the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and our colleagues who preserved unique collections and museum with this date.

The historical sections of the exhibition tell about the main stages in the museum’s war history: beginning of war, evacuation, saving of museum in the besieged Leningrad, the work of the museum branch in Novosibirsk. They showcase the objects which survived the blockade and were in evacuation, archive documents, museum equipment as well as video and films.

The artistic part of exhibition - the works of the creative association G.A. Traugot are paintings and graphics united by the war theme.

For the first time the material about the events of the museum’s war history will be presented in so large-scale completeness and diversity of formats.

Most documents, photographs and objects will be on display for general public for the first time.


 We couldn’t part with this time: The Russian Museum of Ethnography – Chronicle of war years

In the Year of Memory and Glory the museum presents the project We couldn’t’ part with this time. The Russian Museum of Ethnography ‒ Chronicle of War Years which continue the series of exhibitions and publications about the heroic deed of people who preserved the cultural heritage of our motherland in the years of the Great Patriotic War.

The project purpose is reflection on history by our contemporaries in dialogue with the people who survived the tragedy of war and the victors in this case with museum fellows.

Coordinators: E.E. Gerasimenko, L.A. Zhgun
Authors: E. Yu. Gulyaeva, A.N. Kopaneva, V. E. Pervak, Yu. S. Smirnova, I.Yu.Khurgina
Photography and video montage O.V.Ganicheva
Working group: M.V. Voronova, S.M. Ivanova, V.A.Kapustina, E.F. Kononova, K.H. Moiseeva
Editor: I. V. Beloborodova

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