10.02.21 - 25.04.21

The mini-exhibitions series “Craftsmanship of Ukrainian Embroidery XIX-XX cc"

The author of conception– L. G. Ganina, Research Fellow of the Department of Ethnography of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.
Curator  -–N.M. Kalashnikova,  Dr.Sc. in Cultural Studies,  Professor.,  the Head of the Department of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova .
Photographer  -Dyakova E.V.  Research Fellow of the Department of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova  .
Artist  –  Mayevsky D.K.
Restorers :  Zheltova V.L., the Head of the Department of Restoration ; E.A. Kirillova, E. V. Loginova, G.B. Skobeleva, E.V. Tolstykh.
Consultant – E. N. Khokhlova, Researcher, the Head of the School of Hand Embroidery   in Saint Petersburg

The Russian Museum of Ethnography prepared the mini-exhibitions series dedicated to the Ukrainian embroidery which features so rarely exhibited group of artifacts as the samples of embroidery including clothes with embroidered patterns, models for decoration of clothes, and details decorated with ornament.

In traditional culture of Ukrainians embroidery was one of the most important woman crafts. Creating embroidered pattern on the clothes age and family status were taken in account. Special attention was paid to the costume of a girl of marriageable age because in this case apart of decorative and protective functions embroidery served as a characteristic of girl’s skills and demonstrated her diligence.

Brightly expressed regional specifics are typical for Ukrainian embroidery. The preferred ornamental motifs and compositional combinations, stable color preferences and the most typical techniques of embroidery existed in every region.  The series of mini-exhibitions acquaints visitor with the examples of the nineteenth-twentieth Ukrainian  embroidery gathered for  the museum in Chernigov, Poltava, Voronezh, Podolsk provinces  and the embroideries of the  Ukrainian population of Bukovina and the Eastern Galicia.

The exhibitions will be accompanied with gradually completing on-line album in which apart of general view of exhibits the enlarged fragments of embroidered décor and back side will be included.

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