The Russian Museum of Ethnography informs

Due to epidimiological situation and  the Resolution N 121  of the Government of Saint Petersburg of March 13, 2020 "Concerning the  counteraction measures against diffusion of new coronavirus infection  (COVID-19)


The Russian Museum of Ethnography informs

 Safety of visitors and personnel is priority of the Museum. During last months the Museum carefully monitors the dynamics  of situation related to diffusion of coronavirus. All the events scheduled for March-April 2020 are  intended for less than 500 participants. Progressing   decline of the Museum's attendence in comparison with the same periods of last year is noted.  today the number of visitors already has reduced by18  %.  Attendance of the Museum's public spaces is regulated by the services of visitors' reception and security, crowdings of visitors are not permitted. The staff is  attending  special trainings. All business trips of the Museum's staff abroad are canceled, consultations and negotiations are carried out predominantly on distance. Particular attention is paid to quality and intensivity of cleaning in the entrance zone and public spaces.

In spite of complcated conditions, the Museum works in normal mode and doesn't change the programme of constant and temporary exhibitions. However, from March 13, 2020 the opening  ceremonies are temporary canceled. 

The Russian Museum of Ethnography presents its apologies for possible inconveniences. In case of additional restrictions the Museum will timely inform about changes in its work and strongly recommend to monitor relevant information at the Museum's official website and social nets. .

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