The Russian Museum of Ethnography offers services of digital copying of its collection’s items, and grants rights to their use for the following purposes:

- research;
- exposition and exhibition;
- for publication in various editions, including electronic resources (non-exclusive right to ne-time use);
- for use in the manufacturing of various kinds of products.

1. For a legal entity

The written application of an outside client must be executed as a request from the corporation for the attention of the Director of the RME on a company letterhead, signed by the corporation’s authorized executive.

The request must contain the following:

- Collection item description; the collection Nos. if known; in case of a request for image(s) published in the public domain, reference to their location (for their identification);
- Purpose of the use of the images (project description, and importance of the requested rights and images for its implementation);

If the use in a hard copy publication is intended, specify:
- edition size;
- circulation area of the edition;
- languages of the edition;
- name, address, and contact data of the publisher;
- planned publication date.

For the use of images of items from the Museum’s collection on electronic resources, indicate the exact address and location of the image on the resource;
Name, address, and contact data of the person responsible for the publication.

2. For an independent researcher

The written application of an outside client, if he/she is an independent researcher, must contain the full name, passport details including residence registration, and contact data.

Applications must be sent by email:

Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis; services and rights to use will be granted on the basis of contracts.

The Museum reserves the right to deny making digital images of items from its collection in the following cases:

- unstable state of preservation of the items;
- uniqueness of unpublished items (when the request for copying is from an outside organization or an independent researcher);
- handover of items during the change of the person in charge;
- inventory check of the collection’s items;
- issue of an item from the Russian Museum of Ethnographycollection for temporary storage (for an exhibition, exposition, restoration etc.);
- when the interpretation of an item of the Russian Museum of Ethnography collection in the intended publication may damage the image of the Russian Museum of Ethnography

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